LIA Eden (The Lord of Religion Eden), on the Back

lia eden

He is the founder of the teachings of a Salamullah agree that the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, are the last prophet but also believe that the heads of other religions such as Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and Kwan Im, the goddess of mercy worshiped bearer of China, will appear back in the world.

In 1998, Lia call themselves Mahdi, who according to the common belief that the world will appear before the Day of Resurrection to bring security and justice in the world. In addition, he also called Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. Baraka said that his son, Ahmad Mukti, was Jesus Christ.

Since 2003, kumpulam Salamullah has been holding the belief that every religion and culture hold to the truth of the same average. Group by the Lia Eden is now recognized as a nation now held Eden.Lia Eden, Sri Ratu Sang Sun Published Syamsuriati Lia Eden, the faithful and the truth.

While the teachings of the misguided consider are:
1. By the teachings of the Lia Eden is the academic results of engineering and only between The Gospel, Taurot and the Qur'an. Taken accordance with their interests. Then recognized as a revelation.
2. The teachings offered are often not in accordance with the scientific basis for thinking at all.
3. The teachings that can not distinguish between religious and muamalah.
4. The carrier is a prominent academic who is problematic personality. Both in the household, the community or individuals.
5. Teachings are deviations from the majority group in the country today.
6. Gabriel is a testament to the recognition of the damage sense. He acknowledged that because of the type of angels. How do I Lia Eden is the original name Syamsuriati has mengikrarkan himself as Gabriel.
7. Teachings with a new revelation. Revelation is the authority of divinity. Of course, by the revelation that God has revealed the value of life and at the same time to put all deminsi life. Unfortunately the revelation that the Lord created the Kingdom of God does not have value associated with the meaning and content of the revelation. I peruse the contents. Redaksinya. And even purpose.

Monday, December 15, 2008 | 10:02 WIB
JAKARTA, MONDAY - Leaders of sects "Kingdom of God," Lia fogozosexual or Lia Eden, along with 20 followers were arrested officers detective Criminal Directorate General of the Polda Metro Jaya conduct alleged defamation of religions.

"Lia Eden and followers yesterday morning at around 05.00 arrested at his home, Mahoni Road, Senen, Jakpus," said Executive Line of successful and beneficial AKBP lover in Jakarta, Monday (15/12).

According to the lover, Lia Eden arrested because of suspected violation of Penal Code Article 156 on defamation of Religion. "They still asked for information by investigators at the State Security Unit of the Directorate General Criminal detective. Later there will be a description of a suspect who is and who is a witness because the new arrest at 05.00," he said.

Lia Eden was sentenced in prison because of the same case in 2006 and the new free several months ago. To its followers, Lia Eden as the Angel Gabriel.


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Bakule Telo mengatakan...

Tembak Ndase wae!!! mencoreng Dunia Persilatan Lia Edan tuh

an4k`SinGKonG mengatakan...

@bakule telo... hahahaha

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