Criterion President of the Republic of Indonesia in 2009

Hopefully this is not angry or resentful. Why would angry, but this, my criteria. Understandably there's sometimes angry, if not the appropriate way of living. Who do not like this model most contentious Corruption, collusion and nepotism

Criterion is an ideal example as by a named "UMAR BIN Abdul Azis."

Excerpts of the article UMAR BIN ABD AZIS is as follows:

"The first step that should do after he became caliph is appointed to clean himself, immediately ordered to return all personal property, either in the form of money or goods to the cash expense countries, including all the luxury garments.

He also refused to live in the palace, and prefer to live in the house. The pattern changed his life in total, from a lover into a world that only zahid seek eternal life hereafter.

Once finished with the self, then stepped to the family nucleus. His wife to give him two options, "Restore all jewelry and personal property to cash the country, or we have to be separated."

His wife, Fatimah Binti Abdul Malik, will understand the correct temperature and the husband so involved with the vote in the changes. Steps were also conducted with the children, so children memprotesnya because since he became caliph they never again enjoy the food, delicious and tasty food that they enjoy before.

Protests get their children, Umar had burst into tears and gives two options to the children, "I will give you good food and delicious, but whether you should be willing to throw me in hell, or you are patient with this simple food and we will go to heaven together. "An option that gives peace and tranquility to the world but not the Hereafter.

Furthermore, Umar stepped into the palace and the family palace. He was ordered to sell all luxury goods in the palace and restore the price to cash the country.

After the start revoke all the luxury facility that is given to the family palace, one by one and slowly. Family protests hard to make the palace, but Umar will remain steadfast to them.

Until a time, after the failure of various efforts to pressure the family palace Umar, they agreed to send an aunt Umar. Spent

However, Umar already know the plan so that the aunt entered the house, then Umar also ordered to immediately take a coin and sekerat meat.

He then burning the coin and put the meat on it. Meat is a black and then Umar said to the aunt, "Do tega and aunt so witnessing my readiness burned in the fire, such as meat only to satisfy the greed of those who send aunt?

Stop pressing or persuade me, because I will never resign from the way that I believe will lead with my family to heaven. "
Since power, Umar never again siesta in the past often were doing, sample delicious and tasty food. As a result, the body which contains the previously solid and sturdy, has been changed to skinny and thin.

However, he felt very happy and feel that the favor of cleaning steps that he do with the start of self, family and the family nucleus and the palace, has been convincing the public will be strong willingness to make changes in the lives of state, particularly in the eradication Corruption, collusion and nepotism.

Umar as the leaders have put the basic framework and the improvement has to show commitment to provide keteladanan so incredible. So easy to make changes to it.


The second step is done Umar Bin Abdul Aziz in his leadership is to make savings in the country. This step is much easier than the first step, because basically the government has shown credibility in front of the public through the first step.
Source of waste in the country, which is usually located on the structure of the country fat, bureaucracy, long, and with the administration of the complex.

In addition, he gives warning to all officers who live luxury to release all the fun together and make improvements.

None of the self-doubt Umar not to make repairs because he personally has shown a determination to clean itself and willing to live a simple, so start to clean up the structure and state of corrupt officials, streamline the structure of the country, exploring a long chain of bureaucracy, and simplify the system administration kingdom, is not a difficult job. With the way the government to be very efficient and effective. "

The period of the leadership of Umar bin Abdul Aziz marked with the indicator of prosperity when there is, when the amil in villages around the alms-gathering, but they will not find someone who would also receive alms.

Countries really have a surplus, even to the level at which the debt-personal debt and the cost of a wedding citizens by the state.

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